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Saskatchewan 2 

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Beef cattle feedlot near Hazenmore
Cumulonimbus clouds and rainbow near Lake Alma
Abandoned grain elevators, Dankin
Inland grain terminal and wheat field, Assiniboia
Road covered with first snow, near Aneroid
Hiking in the Great Sandhills, near Septre
Cumulonimbus supercell, near Bromhead
A hiker walks through the ghost town of Bents
Ukrainian Orthodox Chuch and graveyard, near Insinger
Straw roll in field, near Aneroid
Road and grain elevator near Carievale
Old farmhouse in canola field, near Torquay
Red barn near Lake Alma
Old buffalo skull, mustard field, near Coronach
Oil Pump jack near Carlyle
Lightning, Big Muddy Badlands
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